"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened" (Matthew 7:7-11)

The above verse offers encouragement that truth does exist, and not only does it exists, but it can and will be found by those who honestly seek after it. This site is dedicated to this quest. We hope it will help you in your personal Search of Truth.

Does God Exist?


As students in search of truth, the first issue that must be resolved is the question of God’s existence.  The search for the existence of a supreme being transcends all cultures, races, ages, genders, and backgrounds.  No matter what our station in life, we eventually form some conclusion to this question that confronts our unified existence.  This is the beginning point for all religions and philosophies because our outlook on everything else is built upon the foundation laid by this answer.  Therefore, before we can even investiagate objective truth and the Bible, we must first answer this fundamental question.

Going Where Science Dare Not Tread

One point must be understood before we continue any farther:  Some basic similarities do exist between the realm of science and the realm of religion and philosophy.  Both depend on observant, unbiased reasoning skills.  However, the two are diametrically opposed in purpose.   Science is not flawed, but it seeks another purpose, to explain phenomenon through formation of hypothesis and experimentation.  It deals in the realm of the demonstrable.  It has no power, or usefulness in explaining anything that can neither be observed, tested, or demonstrated.

Yet, philosophy and religion are concerned with the questions of origin: "Where did we come from?"  The point that must be clear before we continues is this:  Any answer to this question cannot be scientifically proven!   If we accept either theories about evolution or ideas about God, we must understand that none of these solutions can be observed, tested, or demonstrated!

So, if the rules of science do not apply to this question, then how will we find the answer?  We must consider the evidence, weigh it, and based upon it, determine which choice is the most compelling and rational.  This cannot be emphasized enough:  if any one seeks to prove his or her answer, then will they have vainly set out to complete an unfinishable task.  Judgment can only be made upon the most compelling evidence.  Within this realm, science is powerless, and the honest open mind reigns as king.

Simple Answers

The Bible never addresses the question of God’s existence directly.  It is indirectly referenced in a few passages, but no formal defense is set forth.  However, it does speak harshly against the one who "says in their heart, 'Their is noGod." (Psalm14:1).  But, why does God’s Word make such a strong condemnation?  How does the Bible expect us to make a conclusion to a problem that philosophers have argued for hundreds of years? 

The Bible teaches that the truth, the answer is evident to all.  So, what is this testimony that speaks so clearly?  We have already stated that no experiment exists to test the existence of God.  Science cannot help us detect something that is undetectable.  The location of the answer is found in this psalm, or song, of praise to God:

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Their line has gone out into all the earth, and their words to the end of the world." (Psalm 19:1-4)

The answer surrounds all of us, regardless of our nationality, language, or location.  The very existence of such a magnificent and awesome universe demands the existence of a Creator.  Something cannot come from nothing.  This is the only the argument that the Bible offers in response to those who would debate this question.  We all understand that nothing breeds more nothing, order cannot arise from disorder, every effect had a cause.  Any variation from this is forced by a cause outside the system.  As we push back through time, searching for the cause of each effect, we eventually must come to a "first cause", a cause outside the universe.  What then is the rational, compelling choice to the identity of this "first cause"?  Did an eternal, intelligent mind bring order and substance out of nothing, or did inanimate substance pull itself out of nothing to produce an intelligent mind?

"What Are the Alternatives?"

Considering the origin of the universe and humanity is probably the most compelling argument for God’s existence.  But, it becomes even more compelling when we consider the plausibility of the alternatives:

  1. The universe spontaneously created itself.
  2. The universe always existed - Matter is eternal.

Let's consider the first alternative.  All that we know and understand compels that nothing is spontaneously generated or created.  Pasteur debunked this myth many years ago.  No person would believe that a house, or a tree, or a person, just spontaneously popped up out of thin air.  Why then would it be reasonable to believe that the universe, countless orders of magnitude larger in mass, spontaneously popped up out of absolute nothing with a precharged energy potential to accomplish work, not to mention purposeful and intelligent work?  Believing this first alternative requires not just faith, but blind faith!  There is no evidence to support this view whatsoever, and all that we know and understand defies the very principles upon which it is founded.

Now, please consider the second alternative.  It also defies all that we know and understand.  All of science and common sense teaches that life, the world, and the universe is "running down".  Thermodynamics teaches that the universe has a fixed amount of energy (considering all mass translated into energy), and the entire system is proceeding from a state of higher order to a more disordered state.  Eventually, it will climax into a motionless state of complete disorder.  In effect, the universe is one gigantic alarm clock, which is running down.  No one would deny this phenomenon.  Houses dilapidate, people grow old and die, machines rust, stars burn out, etc. If matter has always existed, and it is always digressing to a more disorderly state, then why has the universe not "run down"?  It would have already expired, and we would not be here.  Our very existence disprove the plausibility of this alternative.  The very fact that it is "running down" demands that it must have had a beginning, a time when it was "wound up" and "the alarm set."  So, who set the alarm?


Over the centuries, several arguments have been proposed that illustrated evidence for the existence of God.  The most powerful evidence is the very world that surrounds us.  The apostle Paul also spoke of this:

"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse." Romans 1:20

This creation not only tells us of God’s existence, but it also demonstrates His great and "eternal power" that is part of His divine nature as member of the "Godhead".  Through the visible world we are able to see something of these otherwise "invisible attributes."  Even though it cannot be "scientifically proven", this passage teaches the evidence is so compelling that if one fails to acknowledge His Creator, he is left "without excuse."

Yet, the magnitude of creation can only demonstrate the existence and power of this supreme being.  It cannot teach us what He asks of us.  In fact, without revelation from Him, we cannot know anything more about Him or His will for us.  It is this need that the Bible fulfills, and it is to this purpose we now direct our focus, establishing the Bible as God’s will for us today.


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